First of all, thank you for visiting this particular page. If you came here, it is because you are thinking of giving your tithes and your offerings and you want to know if they will be used wisely. So let us share what happens when you give:

  • Of course, an amount is used for day to day expenses. It is used in salaries, building maintenance costs, utilities (electricity, water, gas, telephone, internet), etc. We are grateful to God for having the blessing of not having debts and we are not planning on getting into them. (Proverbs 22: 7)
  • But we also believe in a generous God who blesses us to be a blessing, so a big part of our budget is used to help and reach our community. We do this by means of:
    • Coaching 1st and 2nd grade students in their reading through the Read2Win program (
    • Classes to help parents raise “Highly Capable Kids” at the local elementary school. (
    • The Good News Club, an after school club, where children learn the amazing story of God, His love and the hope He gives us.(
    • All Pro Dad – A monthly meeting at the school, where fathers can have breakfast with their children, while they have connection activities.
    • Hosting the Mexican Consulate on Wheels for a week 4 times a year. In partnership with the Mexican Consulate in Dallas, we are able to help mexican nationals to get their personal documents issued by the mexican government, such as passports, ID’s, voter cards and birth certificates.
    • Vida Nueva Immigration Services – An office for people who need help with their immigration processes. We want to help people so they are not victims of scams by people who do not know the immigration laws. We are certified by the federal government and are in constant training to know the most current immigration laws.
  • Although we try to do much for our community, we recognize that we can not do everything on our own, so we partner with different Baptist organizations in the state of Texas to, in conjunction with other churches, achieve what we can not do alone:
    • A percentage goes to the Baptist General Convention of Texas, which supports local, state, national and international missions, as well as multiple other projects, disaster relief, trainings and more.
    • A percentage goes to the Tarrant Baptist Association, which supports the planting of new churches of every language and type in Tarrant County, and that has trainings and counseling available to area pastors.
    • A percentage goes to the Hispanic Baptist Convention of Texas, which helps Hispanic baptist churches throughout the state with trainings, events and mission trips and youth and children through the Women’s Missionary Union in Texas.
  • Finally, part of what you give is also used for missions, administered directly by us as a church. We have been able to help through that in missions in Fort Worth, Houston and Oaxaca, Mexico.

If you want to support us in these efforts, we invite you to click on the Yellow button that says “Donate Here” and you can give your tithe or your offering through PayPal with your PayPal account or with a credit or debit card. You can even setup to make an automatic donation monthly there.

Thanks again for your trust in us. Our desire is to be good stewards of what God allows us to manage financially. We want to be the hands, feet and mouth of God to share His love with the world.